Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Family Office?

A Family Office is composed of a dedicated team of professionals working on your behalf. It oversees and manages the global financial activity of a wealthy family.

The main focus is to preserve you wealth with an optimized Investment Strategy & Wealth Planning solution. This will ensure the growth of wealth and continuation to the next generation.

A Single Family Office acts solely on behalf of one family.

A Multi Family Office serves various selected clients in managing their entire wealth.

Toledo Capital is a Multi-Family Office. We offer a complete range of Wealth Management, Financial Administration, Wealth Planning and access to diversified Real Estate Investments.

Wealth Management starts with building the Global Investment Strategy for all your bankable assets based on your family’s obligations and requirements.

Financial Administration consists of the controlling and monitoring your investments, consolidation of your global accounts and review of cost and risk.

Wealth Planning is the selection of the individual financial structure. Although we do not provide legal or tax advice at Toledo Capital we accompany the work of specialists in the set-up of Trusts, Foundations and Life Insurance. We realize your vision for the financial future of your family and establish your legacy.

2. Do you need a Family Office if you work with a Private Bank or Asset Manager?

Yes. In today’s complex financial environment it is essential for any wealthy family to have an experienced specialist to control their global investment activity. The Family Office is independent and not affiliated with any bank or institution.
It offers un-biased advice to meet the goals of their client in their best interest.

3. How is the Investment Approach of a Family Office different to what you experienced so far? 

Toledo Capital makes investment decisions based on all aspects of your entire financial/family situation on a long-term outlook. The Family Office concentrates on Asset Allocation and Diversification and has the goal to preserve the wealth of the client and for future generations.

4. How are the investment vehicles we use different to those of your bank?

Toledo Capital is an independent Financial Advisor whose sole focus is the interest of the client.

We do not have any additional revenues except for the Management Fee paid by the client.
Our only target is reaching our clients goals and satisfaction, so therefore:

  • We are focused on the Best in Class Fund Managers for each Asset Class.
  • All our investment instruments are fully transparent without any hidden costs.
  • We access only fund managers whose trackrecord have outperformed the market index over past few years.
  • We are able to use innovative investment ideas enhancing the overall performance without increasing the risk.
  • Can use proven Boutique Fund Managers not accessible by large financial institutions

5. What is a Consolidation and why is it so important
for you?

The consolidation of all your bankable assets gives you the possibility to overview your complete Asset Allocation and its Risk Components.

Toledo Capital offers state of the art consolidation enabling a responsible diversification. This gives the possibility to measure the associated risk of your bankable assets at every moment, subsequently enabling immediate action upon market changes.

6. Does a Family Office increase my cost?

No, any additional expense is compensated by saving of existing cost. At Toledo Capital we eliminate unnecessary commissions, reduce bank charges and avoid capital losses. Free to choose the best advisor in each segment we are entitled to subscribe Institutional Class Investment Managers. These reduced fees lead to an enhanced performance.

7. Do you need Cost Controlling?

Yes, costly mistakes can and do happen on a daily base.
At Toledo Capital all bank correspondence is checked for trade price, commission, hidden fees, incorrect bookings and income of Interest& Dividends. Any error occurred is disputed within the regulatory 30 day time limit.

8. Will I need to change banks?

No. At Toledo Capital we work with the bank of your choice. Together with you we will select the most suitable financial institution.

9. Do I have a risk working with a Family Office?

No, a Family Office works with a Limited Power of Attorney only. Toledo Capital AG is a member of Aquila & Co. Aquila & Co. Ltd, is regulated by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) as a security dealer and a bank. Aquila & Co. Ltd and Toledo Capital AG are both members of SAAM, Swiss Association of Asset Managers. Aquila & Co. AG is audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd.

10. How does a cooperation with Toledo Capital work?

  • A contract between the client and Toledo Capital, defining the investment strategy and obligation of Toledo Capital towards the client, will be signed.
  • A limited power of attorney (LPoA) is signed, which enables Toledo Capital to implement and monitor the beforehand agreed upon investment strategy. The LPoA can be cancelled by the client on daily basis.