Why Us

Why seperate between your bank (holder of your assets) and your financial advisor?

When holding your assets with any bank and having the bank as your advisors at the same time, you will find that there are many conflicts of interest. Although you might not notice them at first, these conflicts could cause you great financial disadvantage. And that is why Toledo Capital is here:

We are independent

  • not influenced in our decisions by internal bank politics
  • not under pressure to generate commissions for the bank
  • no incentive in selling you expensive investment vehicles

We are free to select the best products. Therefore, you benefit from...

Enhanced Profitability

  • Investments are guided by ‘best-in-class’ fund managers, worldwide
  • Access to institutional funds as opposed to retail
  • Novel Toledo Capital AG method of increasing overall return through limited real estate diversification
  • Innovative Investment Approach
  • Targeting better risk adjusted return performance than benchmark


  • Single contact for all your financial services 
  • Boutique Service- you belong to a circle of selected clients, enabling us to fully focus on your specific need
  • Family Office Services


  • We offer our clients a broad range of top quality custodial banks from which to choose
  • Such flexibility allows our clients to benefit from the best location, service and cost structures available

Reduced Costs

  • Advantageous bank fees
  • Avoid costly mistakes on commissions, trade prices and hidden bank costs
  • Cost efficient and transparent investment solutions
A boutique service

Consolidation & Monitoring

  • Enabling us to fully understand and measure your risk status and to adjust your global portfolio immediately in different economic cycles
  • Avoiding bulk risk, optimizing your risk adjusted return


  • Knowledge of having a professional and reliable advisor, whose sole focus is protecting your interests and profitability
  • Fully regulated services at each level
  • Consolidated asset and risk reporting, creating total transparency