Welcome to Toledo Capital

An experienced multi-family office providing comprehensive Wealth Management and tailor-made financial solutions for high- net-worth individuals and families worldwide.

Established in Zürich, Switzerland, since 2011.

FINMA regulated & audited by Pwc

One of the first Multi-Family offices to have an operating investment ecosystem

Our Investment Ecosystem

We cover all aspects of our clients’ investment needs, through our established investment ecosystem.

We give our investors access to unique opportunities in order to diversify their portfolio.

Investment Health Check

We holistically asses your investment portfolio in order to develop a comprehensive review of various aspects of your portfolio to ensure its alignment with your financial objectives, risk tolerance and cost- efficiency.   

Our Services

We provide tailor-made financial solutions

We’ll asses your financial profile together to determine the optimal financial solution for your needs.

Wealth Management

  • Portfolio Management
  • Advisory & Trading
  • personalised Reporting
  • Compliance

Advisory Services

  • Institutional Clients
  • Real Estate
  • Private Equity / Start-ups
  • Corporate Support

Family Office Services*

  • Life Insurance
  • Wealth Planning
  • Corporate Directorship services

Success Stories

Discover our clients’ achievements as we proudly present a series of business cases that showcase their successful journey with Toledo Capital AG.

Performance Overview

We strive to achieve positive returns, reduce overall portfolio volatility and limit market risk regardless of market’s performance. Our return target lies within the range of LIBOR +3 to 7%, depending on the risk aversion of each client.


3 Y Annual Return


5 Y Annual Return


8 Y Annual Return



Since Toledo’s foundation, we have been honored by awards that recognize our commitment to exceptional service.