Portfolio returns of the best Swiss Asset Managers in the first half-year 2021

The first half of the year brought a veritable market rally on the equity market. Swiss franc-denominated investment portfolios achieved a median return of between +1.7% and +11.0%, depending on the risk category.

The difference between the best-in-class swiss asset managers’ returns and the others is considerable, despite the market environment made it easy for all asset managers to generate returns for their clients.

Asset managers: overall satisfactory performance, shortfalls in more aggressive investment strategies.

The evaluation of the results of banks and asset managers also shows large differences in the returns achieved in 2021. The chart summarizes the comparisons. The median reflects the average asset manager, and the benchmark shows the results of the financial market without the involvement of a manager. It is noticeable that the asset managers succeeded in achieving added value especially in the conservative investment portfolios. Here it was worthwhile to hire a manager. As soon as a larger part of the portfolio was invested in shares, the results of the average asset manager compared worse.

Best-in class swiss asset manager selection achieves significantly better returns

It is Toledo Capital philosophy to enable significantly better results for clients through systematic assessment and regular monitoring of asset managers. The chart shows the median ZWEI selection (average manager of the ZWEI Wealth selection) for the most common risk categories Balanced and Equities in the same comparison. In both cases, the best-in-class swiss asset manager selection comes out ahead of benchmark and ahead of median. The edge in equities stands out particularly positively.

Even with very good returns, one should compare the results to get a good indication of the performance.​

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