What impact does conflict of interest have on your financial performance?

What is conflict of interest?

A conflict of interest in the financial world occurs when a financial service provider has multiple interests that produce incentives to not fully act for the benefit of the client.

When the personal interests of the financial service provider diverge from professional duties or responsibilities towards the client, a service based on total transparency and trust can no longer be guaranteed.

How does it affect your performance?

Large financial organizations have their own profit centers. While considering investment requirements, they find themselves having to balance both the needs of their clients and their own at the same time.

This will lead to the following consequences:

  • Lower Returns: The financial service providers have the incentive of covering the clients’ financial needs with more expensive and complex investment solutions, even though they could do so in a more cost efficient and transparent way.


  • Limited Investment Access: Since financial service providers have a personal interest to sell their own investment solutions, client offerings are restricted and limited to their investment universe. This will prevent the client from receiving the “best-in-class” solutions. 


  • Higher Risk: This incentive leads the client to find himself with investment solutions that do not cover his or her initial Risk Profile. Therefore, conflict of interest could have serious consequences, such as partial or total loss of capital.


To reduce the lack of information and transparency, caused by conflict of interest, Toledo Capital supports you by having full disclosure combined with an understanding of all the costs and characteristics of your investment. This will prevent you from facing any financial complication.

In today’s complex financial environment, it is essential to have an independent expert accompanying you. As an independent Family Office, Toledo Capital’s decisions are not biased by any internal policies nor by any additional agenda. This enables us to operate according to the client’s personal financial needs, resulting in an optimal adjusted return corresponding to the client’s risk adversity. Toledo Capital’s focus is aligned with the client’s interests.