2023 has started: It's time for an investment health check!

In the complex financial world, it is difficult to find an expert who fully understands your personal and financial needs. In fact, out of over 400 institutions examined in a study by ZWEI Wealth, only 31% of the Swiss asset managers achieved a rating of “recommendable” or “very recommendable”.[1] As disciplined performance varies significantly from one manager to another, did you know that the difference between the best and worst performers can fluctuate up to 30% for some strategies in just one year?

Reviewing the performance of your wealth manager is therefore the first step to understand your current portfolio management and achieve the best solution for you.

This is a challenging task that requires an independent expert that have access to a lot of data, which is not publicly available over the years, because the portfolio performance needs to be reviewed and compared in terms of risk, return and cost with the benchmark and median (= the competition).

For this reason, the selection of best-in-class asset manager, security selection, among other parameters are crucial for driving the ultimate outcome of the investment process. The first step in this direction is to review how your current portfolio performs. Here at Toledo Capital we can offer you a detailed portfolio review with all the important information that can guide your investments for the future, such as:


  • Analysis of the total costs compared to the benchmark, competitors and the budget agreed with your current asset manager.


  • Comparison of your portfolio’s return with other asset managers, managing the same asset classes with the same risk return.


  • Assessment of portfolio construction and investment strategy.


  • Recommendations for your current investment and concrete points of action.


This is collaboration with ZWEI Wealth that offers the first and largest marketplace with over 400 active Swiss asset managers.

Toledo Capital thanks to its long experience and know-how in the financial field, supports and advises you throughout the entire financial journey to meet your financial objective and life goals.

Good asset management is not a magical talent, it’s a discipline.

Reach out today to one of our wealth managers, Anish Wig at Toledo Capital AG for more information and a discussion on your current investment portfolio.


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[1] ZWEI Wealth AG: Choosing the right asset manager from the best ones, 2021