The Portfolio implications of the Geopolitical Chessboard

The current geopolitical tensions and military actions between Russia and Ukraine has had large ramifications for Europe. We have already seen the immediate impact on global financial markets with further implications that will be unfolded and revealed in the upcoming weeks.

Investors have realized the impact on their Portfolios and are looking for ways to preserve it from the unexpected volatility. This strengthens the argument of having expert Asset Managers and an Investment Team reviewing your Portfolio to withstand the ongoing uncertainty in the Financial Market.

These factors can be overwhelming and can unnecessarily take away the objectivity in the decision process and put your financial goals and your family’s financial security at risk. Investors should therefore not overreact but rather reflect on their personal strategic asset allocation.

At this time, it is important to review whether the investment strategy still suits your risk profile and to compare the investment performance with the benchmark and the competition in order to construct a robust portfolio with optimal diversification.

In fact, in the past, stress in the financial markets triggered by geopolitical events led to only short-term setbacks in diversified portfolios. At Toledo Capital we understand the importance of non-correlation of asset classes which help reduce Portfolio risk, while taking advantage of market opportunities. 

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