The Benefits of Wealth Planning

Toledo Capital has built up extensive knowledge and experience over a decade working with wealthy clients seeking solutions to a wide range of financial matters.

Based on our holistic approach, we also support the long-term vision & legacy of our clients by accompanying them together with 3rd party experts in structuring wealth planning solutions. 

With our external advisors we provide our clients with legal and tax advice on estate planning, tax issues, risk management, charitable giving, and a wide array of other wealth planning services.

In this way the client can achieve a significant wealth preservation and transmission for their assets over generations.

In fact, a tailored-made wealth planning solution based on your needs can provide the following benefits:


  • Asset Protection. You can shelter your assets by creating a legal separation between yourself and your wealth. Therefore, you are protected from the risk of losing the assets due to circumstances beyond your control, such as a third-party suit.


  • Succession planning. You will be provided with a high level of flexibility for your estate planning allowing beneficiaries to be nominated.
    They can be changed or revoked at any time. In addition, the beneficiary payments are made in accordance with your wishes.


  • Tax planning. With the right wealth planning solution you can optimize your taxes liability through several benefits (depending on the solutions chosen, on your domicile and on your assets & beneficiary’s location): 
    • Benefit of tax deferral until maturity of the solution or unless it is surrendered (partially or totally)
    • Assets owned by the third-party company held at a Swiss bank are exempt from Swiss Stamp Duty
    • Income and capital gains for new and returning residents could continue to enjoy favorable tax treatment of your investments

Please note that the above information is not a recommendation. Every decision needs to be consulted with your personal and tax advisor based on your current situation.

For more detail and additional information, feel free to contact our Managing Director, Anish Wig, for a personal discussion.

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