A client’s ongoing quest for Asset Consolidation


Our involvement with this client was initiated through a referral from another satisfied client. This individual, in his mid-50s and residing in London, maintained two accounts in Switzerland and one in Liechtenstein. He had distributed his assets across these jurisdictions primarily to diversify his holdings and comply with various country regulations.

The client presented a significant challenge: a lack of a comprehensive overview of his assets, an understanding of his total risk exposure, and the complexities associated with coordinating decision-making and monitoring among the three distinct Financial Institutions.


Toledo Capital’s cutting-edge consolidation tool aggregated and synthesized the performance and risk data from each of the client’s accounts. This sophisticated consolidation process provided the client with a comprehensive overview of his portfolio’s asset allocation and its inherent risk components.

As a complement, we also appointed a dedicated Relationship Manager (RM) to closely oversee the case. This RM not only provided personalized attention but also addressed the client’s unique needs and concerns. This client-centric approach added an extra layer of support and assurance, proving Toledo Capital’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive solution tailored to the client’s wealth management requirements.


The client expressed contentment in initiating a partnership with Toledo Capital. Our family office assumed the role of a consolidation entity, streamlining coordination between the client and the three different financial institutions. Moreover, we consistently delivered investment insights aligned with the client’s long-term objectives.