Client aims to improve his Portfolio Management service quality


During our visit to the client’s office, he disclosed that he had maintained an account with a major financial institution for more than two decades, which held assets totalling 12 million USD. This account had originally belonged to his late father, who passed away in 2012. Notably, the account was divided with 50% invested in fixed income and the remaining 50% allocated to equity.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the quality of service provided by the financial institution, citing a revolving door of 6 different Relationship Managers over the past three years. He felt that the decision-making regarding his investment portfolio did not adequately address his personal needs and objectives.

Our Approach

During our extended conversation with the client, lasting for two hours, we delved into his personal aspirations and goals, translating these into investment terms. This meticulous analysis allowed us to propose a wealth management strategy that not only ensured the efficient management of his wealth but also focused on preserving it for future generations.


The client decided to establish a partnership with Toledo after learning about Toledo’s long-standing commitment to Relationship Management for over a decade. Toledo gained the client’s trust by showcasing its wealth management expertise and by demonstrating that we are a family office that plans for the future. We are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition to the next generation of Toledo’s experts, which means that clients’ families will be well taken care of for generations to come