Client explores Private Equity to de-risk investment portfolio


The client has a globally diversified portfolio of equities , fixed income & real estate investments generating the desired returns. 

We met him and his next generation family members for an in-depth portfolio review and looked at current opportunities. His son expressed a higher risk appetite than the father and was willing to explore some ideas on private equity and directly investing in innovative startup companies with a compelling story.


Toledo Capital’s Alternatives Desk was able to identify & shortlist these companies with breakthrough entrepreneurial talent in the High-Tech and Medtech space. Early & late-stage companies from the Israeli Startup Ecosystem were shortlisted which demonstrated:


  • An exceptional leadership team
  • Commercialization of a breakthrough idea
  • Holds Patents in major markets.
  • Regulatory approval (FDA, CE etc.)
  • Generating sales across different countries
  • Prominent family offices, funds, or investors on cap table.
  • Essential due diligence completed.
  • Clear, defined path to exit (IPO, M&A or similar)


The Relationship Manager’s client is delighted that he could bring Toledo Capital’s Swiss family office expertise conducting an in-depth review and of their family’s comprehensive wealth picture and confidently presented appropriate private equity investment ideas.

Toledo Capital was able to successfully secure a USD 2.4 million commitment cheque for the late-stage, Series-D innovative MedTech company which met their investment criteria.

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