The Performance Comparison for Asset Managers

This year has started off on a challenging and an atypical note for global financial markets due to volatile market condition, rising inflation and interest rates. Last but not least, the current geo-political crisis has increased uncertainty and instability in the stock market which has impacted the global portfolio.

Therefore, it is important to analyse now the quality of your current portfolio management to compare your performance and to search the most suitable manager. 

The transparency report of 2021 published by ZWEI Wealth, analyzes over 100 banks and asset managers’ performance and shows how differences in the return of asset management companies were significant in 2021. The best investment portfolios achieved returns of +39%, the worst stood at almost -5%. Substantial differences were found not only between diverse investment strategies, but also within similar risk groups. For example, the worst manager in the equities category achieved a return of just under +10%, while the best achieved almost four times as much, at close to +40% (Cfr. Graph 1).[1]

Graph 1: Distribution of returns in 2021 by risk category, Swiss franc (figures in %). Source: ZWEI Wealth AG

Top managers therefore prove themselves: asset managers with a long track record and a clear investment philosophy regularly perform better [2]. More than 70% of top managers will also be in the top third in 2021.

At Toledo Capital we understand why it is crucial to have a financial expert that can help you protect what is truly important to you. To this end, we offer advisory and discretionary services to guide your future investments to meet your financial and life goals. You can immediately request a personalised and detailed analysis of your current portfolio, considering the exact approach (type of strategy, added value compared to specific benchmarks, costs, etc.) in order to obtain a reliable statement and give you access to the best Swiss asset managers for your specific investment portfolio.

Reach out today to one of our wealth managers today, Anish Wig, Managing Director, Toledo Capital AG for a detailed portfolio review and a discussion on your current investment portfolio.

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[1] ZWEI Wealth AG: Der jährliche Performancevergleich für Vermögensverwalter, 10.02.2022

[2] Referred to as top manager at ZWEI Wealth AG