FAQs - Frequently asked questions

A family office is a private office that centrally provides services to a family to help them manage the complexity of their lives—in particular, to grow their financial wealth, support the family’s long-term goals, manage family needs of various kinds, and coordinate across all of their endeavors with a unified strategy.
A family office is a vehicle that can bring a family higher financial returns, greater efficiency and oversight, better coordination across the family’s initiatives, and centralized support for the family’s multigenerational continuity.

A multi-family office is a type of financial adviser that advises multiple clients at once rather than a single client.

A Family Office becomes your trusted partner to handle all aspects of your financial business, in addition to only managing your wealth. Its services include strategic management of Total Wealth, Investment management, legal & Tax Services with 3rd-Party Advisory, Lifestyle & Administrative Services.

No, it does not. When working with us, you benefit from the following advantages: 1) You renounce a bank management or advisory fee in your current bank. 2) You only pay reduced custody and transaction fees at your bank. 3) We eliminate unnecessary commissions, hidden costs, and bank errors.
Centralizing the administration and oversight of assets through a family office helps a family avoid duplication of efforts and achieve greater efficiency, since for many activities, adding one more family member only adds marginal cost. Moreover, investing one large pool of assets is more cost-efficient than having multiple smaller accounts, and this increases the ability to negotiate prices.

In today’s financial environment, it is essential that you have an independent expert accompanying you. Large financial organizations have their own profit centers. While considering investment requirements, they find themselves having to balance both the needs of their clients and their own at the same time. As an independent Family Office, Toledo Capital’s decisions are not biased by any internal policies nor by any additional agenda. This enables us to operate according to the client’s personal financial needs, resulting in an optimal adjusted return corresponding to the client’s risk adversity.

Toledo Capital AG is a boutique multi-family office founded in 2010 and located in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland. We offer comprehensive and exclusive wealth management services to our clients. These include family office services for high-net-worth individuals and families worldwide seeking customized financial solutions with full transparency and no conflicts of interest.

We optimize the allocation of the capital in a totally customized way, compatible with your core values and competencies. We careful select the investments, unconstrained by specific financial service providers. Through us, you have access to better institutional-quality funds, not accessible to other retail investors. A wider range of options becomes available when you pool the collective capital together, having higher levels of investable assets, which attracts higher-quality investments.

Our annual management fee varies by the amount of bankable assets that you bring with you.

We manage portfolios with a minimum account size of USD 4 Million in bankable assets.

We are directly regulated by FINMA (Swiss Financial market Supervisory Authority) and audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd. In addition, we are member of Aquila & Co, an alliance of independent Swiss asset management companies and Family Offices.

No, we are not a bank. We are a third-party wealth manager with a limited power of attorney within the bank to manage your bankable assets only and avoid any conflict of interest.

As a Family Office, you have a single point of contact to control everything, being able to manage different assets in multiple locations. We aggregate the performance and risk of each of your accounts, enabling you to see the big picture. The consolidation of all your bankable assets gives you the opportunity to overview your complete asset allocation and its risk components.

When managing multiple family’s finances and assets, it can be difficult for a financial advisor to keep all the information up-to-date, so there are benefits to having a team of professionals reviewing everything with you. Our services include the screening of every bank transaction and handling of your complete bank correspondence, enabling us to identify and act directly if mistakes occur. Furthermore, our team screens the market for regulatory changes, identifies political and economic risks, and avoids any potential bulk risks in your portfolio.

We aggregate the performance and risk of each of your accounts, enabling you to see the bigger picture. The consolidation of all your bankable assets provides an overview of your complete asset allocation and its risk components, subsequently enabling immediate action upon market changes

Switzerland is one of the world’s leading and most competitive financial centers. It is the global leader in wealth management for foreign clients, managing around a quarter of the world’s cross-border assets. The solid political and legal institutions combined with a high standard of ethical and moral investments ensure an excellent, stable and responsible financial system for clients of all nationalities and asset classes.

We give you the access to the best-in-class Swiss asset managers, and we assist you with our experience through the whole consulting process before and after the strategy implementation.

There are three options: Fixed income, Equity and Derivatives, in US DOLLARS and CHF. We also offer other tailored options adapted to our clients needs.

• Together we define your needs in a personal consultation.

• We then provide you with the top 5–10 independently certified and rated swiss asset managers for the specific asset class discussed.

• With you, we select 2–3 asset managers which seem most appropriate according to your personal preference and feeling.

• Then, we will arrange a (Zoom) meeting with each asset manager and meet them together.

• Afterwards, we support you in deciding which asset manager is the right one for you.

• In addition, we support you in the contractual implementation between you and the asset manager.

• We periodically monitor the contractual alignment of the investment strategy defined in the contract between you and the asset manager.

• We periodically evaluate the asset manager’s ability to outperform.

• If any changes are necessary, an alternative asset manager will be selected through our ZWEI database process. In addition, on a monthly basis, we send you a report.

The manager rating is based on: performance / risk adjusted return of at least the last 10 years, competence and pricing towards clients and banks.